Become an Aria Ambassador!

Our sustainable fashion & jewelry brand is looking for enthusiastic creators who genuinely love our products. We offer generous commissions on each sale you bring in!


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply?

Anyone can apply to become an Aria Ambassador!

Whether you're a fashion blogger, a social media influencer, or simply a loyal customer who loves our products — we welcome everyone to submit an application.

How much can I earn?

You have unlimited earning potential when you collaborate with us! You can earn commission in two ways:

  1. Earn 10% of every sale you make for our products using the Shopify Collabs affiliate links — no approval required.
  2. Earn 15% of every sale you make (plus your customers get 15% off their purchase) when you become an official Aria Ambassador.
How do I start making sales?

Once you are approved as an Aria Ambassador, you can make sales in two ways:

  1. Share your unique affiliate link with friends and followers. You will earn commission on any sale made within 90 days of clicking your link.
  2. Share your unique discount code with friends and followers. You will earn commission on any sales made using your discount code.

Make sure to keep sharing high-quality content featuring our product on your channels to help boost your sales!

How do I get paid?

Once you're approved as an Aria Ambassador, you can set up your profile and choose how you would like to get paid.

Ambassadors will be automatically paid at the end of the billing period, 30 days after making each sale.


Are you a yoga influencer?

We regularly work with influencers to host yoga challenges on Instagram. We provide free products to hosts and giveaway prizes to participants.