3.5ct Blue Sapphire & Moissanite Ring

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Size: 5

Introducing our stunning 3.5ct Blue Sapphire & Moissanite Ring, a true showstopper that is sure to make heads turn. Crafted with the finest materials and attention to detail, this ring is a statement piece that is perfect for any occasion.

The center stone of the ring is a beautiful 3.5ct oval cut blue sapphire, which exudes a deep, rich hue that is sure to capture the eye. The sapphire is expertly set in a classic and elegant 18k white-gold vermeil band, which provides the perfect backdrop to showcase the stone's brilliance and sparkle.

Surrounding the sapphire are a total of 2ct moissanite stones, which are carefully selected for their clarity and brilliance. These stunning stones add a beautiful sparkle and shine to the ring, creating a dazzling halo effect around the center stone that is truly breathtaking.

  • 3.5 ct oval cut natural blue sapphire
  • 15 moissanite stones (2ct tw)
  • 18k white-gold vermeil setting

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