Collaboration Agreement

Please carefully review the requirements for this collaboration and provide your signature below.

If you have any questions about these requirements, please email us at

Branding Guidelines:
  1. Aria Lattner will be the only fashion brand sponsoring this challenge.
  2. The hosts must feature Aria Lattner products in their posts every day throughout the duration of the challenge.
  3. The hosts agree not to wear, feature, or endorse any other fashion brands in their challenge posts. Hosts may wear a sports bra, but no other apparel or jewelry brands should be visibly featured in their content.
  4. The Aria Lattner brand logo must be prominently included in the challenge flyer announcement. Click here to access logo file:
Content Requirements:
  1. In addition to daily challenge posts, hosts are required to post a minimum of 3 Instagram stories + 3 Instagram Reels featuring Aria Lattner products.
  2. For those receiving additional jewelry items, hosts are also required to submit an additional 1 Instagram post + 1 Instagram story + 1 Instagram Reel per each piece of free jewelry received in their shipment.
  3. Hosts must be actively enrolled in our Aria Ambassadors program.
  4. Hosts must share their special 15% off discount code or affiliate link along with their content posted throughout the duration of the challenge.
  5. Hosts must include the hashtag #AriaInstaLove in each of their own challenge posts. (Challenge participants are NOT required to use this hashtag).
  6. Aria Lattner reserves the right to repost, share, and use any photos, videos, or other media content created by the host on Aria Lattner’s social media platforms, websites, and marketing materials without additional credit, consent from, or compensation to the host.
Provision of Products:
  1. Aria Lattner will provide hosts with free products, but hosts will be responsible for all shipping costs associated with their shipments.§
  2. The host may request specific colors or variations of their free products, but the selection of products shall ultimately be at the sole discretion of Aria Lattner, subject to availability and stock levels.
  3. As Aria Lattner cannot guarantee the availability of requested items, the hosts may receive alternative colors or variations due to inventory limitations. Hosts agree to create content with the products received, regardless of specific color or variation.
Prize Distribution:
  1. To be eligible to win the challenge, participants must follow the Aria Lattner Instagram account (@AriaLattner). Hosts are responsible for informing participants of this requirement.
  2. The challenge winner will receive a $100 digital gift card redeemable at Aria Lattner's store. The winner will be responsible for any shipping costs associated with their purchases.
  3. Hosts will provide Aria Lattner with the winner’s full name and email address within five (5) business days following the conclusion of the challenge to facilitate the distribution of the prize.

Other yoga mat and equipment brands may be included as brand sponsors, but no other fashion or jewelry brands will be featured during the duration of this challenge.
If the Host violates this exclusivity clause, they will be required to either remove or redo the content to comply with this agreement.
§ Including shipping protection and international duty fees, if applicable.

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