Opal Meaning, Benefits & Crystal Healing

Known as the Queen of Gemstones, this emotional October birthstone relaxes inhibitions to deeping your cosmic connection and stimulates personal growth. Wear your Opal jewelry and bring spiritual light into your aura.  

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Birthstone for October

Opal is known as the modern birthstone for October, making it the zodiac birthstone for Libras.

Opal Crystal Healing Properties

As an amplifier of energy, opal magnifies thoughts, desires and emotions. Although negative feelings that surface are uncomfortable, wearing opal eases understanding to better process and reconcile these emotions. This makes opal jewelry ideal for promoting inner growth!

Benefits of Opal

This healing crystal is said to release inhibitions, strengthening your connection to higher cosmic vibrations. inspiration and memory improvement. Wearing your opal jewelry brings spiritual light into your aura and enhances your cosmic consciousness.

Opal Chakra Healing Crystals

The rainbow of colors in this is dazzling gem activates several chakras, linking them to the crown chakra ("Sahasrāra" in Sanscrit) infusing your aura with full spectrum light for healing. The crown chakra is the energy center of universal knoweledge and spiritualism, which serves as a connection to the divine. 

Opal Spiritual Meaning & Symbols

Ancient Greeks believed opal jewelry brought the power of foresight to the wearer, and opal stones were traditionally used to invoke visions and increase lucid dreaming.

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